Hit and Run Leaves One Dead, Another Injured

JACKSON, Miss. – When you mix high foot traffic and cars going at high speed there’s a possibility the outcome will be tragic, such was the case on McDowell Road earlier today.

Jackson Police are now investigating a deadly hit and run.

“Next thing I know, I got a call saying the boy got hit,” a family friend said.

27-year-old Chermen Lowe was killed after being struck by a hit and run driver on McDowell Road, when he and another man were crossing onto Shepwood.

The accident happened around midnight.

“It’s sad, they never did see it coming,” the friend who wants to remain anonymous explains.

Surveillance video taken from the store Lowe and 20-year-old, Ledarius Burks were walking from shows the moments leading up to the accident.

You can see people reacting and rushing to the street where the two men were left by the driver.

“It was a truck that came through here, by time he turned around he said he heard two big ‘bloop-bloop’–he looked around and that truck was already out of sight,” the friend told WJTV.

The friend who lives just feet from where Lowe was clinging to life says they about his future and even the Super Bowl before his death.

“I got my job, I’m change my life I’m going to get baptized Sunday and say man what are y’all doing for Super Bowl ‘I said man–I don’t know we may just throw a barbeque.” The friend said.

We are told speeding on McDowell Road has caused other pedestrian accidents and close calls.

“These people drive to fast over here.”

Burks, the other man hit in this accident did suffer injuries–he is expected to be okay.

At this time JPD is looking for the person believed to have been driving an SUV.

If you know anything about the hit and run, please call police.

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