Jackson police issue warning to women

Jackson police are sending a warning out to women in the city. Authorities in Jackson say a group of men have been targeting women who are alone.

Police say there have been several incidents that are possibly linked that led to this warning. while they’re working to track these guys down, they say it’s best for women in the area to be extremely cautious.

“Right now we are in the process of warning the public so they can be mindful of what’s going on and be aware of their surroundings,” Officer Colendula Green said.

Police say three males between the ages of 16 to 20 have been targeting women found alone in the city

“That’s great that they’re warning people. It’s definitely dangerous out here,” Kayland McClarey said.

So far, there have been six cases. Investigators won’t say exactly which cases they are, but they do believe each of them were random. All of them have involved women who were alone at night.

“We have to watch ourselves. My mom always gets on me about being out late and riding around by myself. I say I’m okay, but we definitely need to watch ourselves,” McClarey said.


Police encourage citizens to report any suspicious activity and avoid distractions, including phones and loud music. Some people in the area tell us they’re prepared.

“They don’t want to step to my car. I have a gun that I will use,” Sabrina Eggwood said.

Bill Jordan says its shameful that the attackers are targeting women.

“They’re cowards. They won’t walk up to me and try me, because they know what they’ll get,” Jordan said.

Police say they won’t remove the warning until they can track down the suspects.

“It’s very important because as you can see, the men who are committing these acts, they think these women are vulnerable. Really that’s not the case, it’s just common sense,” Officer Green said.





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