Family claims AMR didn’t try to help burn victim

A Jackson man is recovering after being burned in a Saturday morning house fire on Skyline Drive.
WJTV caught up with the family who believes not everyone on the scene did all they could to help.
“She would not come see about him. Since when does AMR not do their job or refuse to walk down the street to get a resident,” says Barbara Brooks, brother burned in fire.
Barbara Brooks says her brother, Cary Johnson, was burned across his face while trying to escape a house fire.
“He got burned across the face and the top of the head. He said the fire went across his face and his head,” says Brooks.
However, she claims her brother did not get the care he needed from an American Medical Response worker.
“She never came down. I got him in my truck from here and went all the way around and went to the bottom of the street and put him in down there where he collapsed again before we got him in the back of the ambulance,” says Brooks.
Brooks claims her brother collapsed twice before he was taken to the hospital by AMR.
We reached out to the Jackson fire department about the incident and Division Fire Chief Cleotha Sanders says, AMR arrived on scene at the opposite of the street from where the patient was located and blocked by fire trucks and hoses.
But once they located him they were able to move to where the patient was to treat him. We’re told the patient was at a house up the street not at the house fire.
We’ve reached out to the spokesperson for AMR about the response to the fire, at this time our calls have not been returned.
Investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire.

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