AMR responds to claims of not helping a burn victim

Photo Courtesy: American Medical Response

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) –American Medical Response (AMR) releases a statement addressing a Jackson family’s claims that those on scene did not help a burn victim.

Following standard procedure, AMR parked away from the house that was on fire.  We stay out of the way of firefighters’ trucks and we stay off water hoses.

At all structure fires, we rely on our fire department colleagues to tell us if someone is burned or otherwise hurt.  Fire-rescue personnel start patient care and, if necessary, they bring the patient to our ambulance.  They perform their EMS role extremely well while, at the same time, they protect everyone else at the scene, including our crew.  We appreciate the great teamwork with them.

In this instance, after we arrived, private vehicles parked behind our ambulance and blocked us in.  The patient had been moved to a second house closer the other end of Skyline.  As soon as we were no longer blocked in, we drove around the block south of Skyline to reach the patient.

Our crew then began to treat the patient and, in short order, we transported the patient to a hospital.

  • Jim Pollard, the Public Affairs Manager for American Medical Response


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