JPD officer in viral photo hopes people learn something good

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson Police Department officer is hoping a photo that’s gone viral has a positive impact.

The photo shows the officer eating a meal with a little boy who is a big fan.

The viral photo is of JPD Officer Melvin Bonds with five-year-old Ethan that’s got people talking.

Ethan’s mother tells us she took the photo of her son and Officer Bonds because her son loves police officers.

She says Ethan will go up to any police officer and just start talking.

When Ethan went up to Officer Bonds at the Chick Fil A on County Line Road he invited Ethan to sit with him.

“He just talked to him for about 20 minutes about you know how important it is to be good in school, good choices that he makes. Just went on and on and spent so much time with him. I appreciate it as a mother,” Ashley Cook, Ethan’s mother, said.

Officer Bonds released the statement on the encounter with the five-year-old.

“I’m certainly humbled by all the attention this story has gained but the credit belongs to his mother and the hundreds of other JPD officers who perform similar acts every day.”

Officer Bonds went on to say Ethan’s mother has instilled good family values in the young man and obviously trains her children to have a positive view  of law enforcement.

Officer Bonds says he hopes the story inspires more parents to talk to their children about the proper way to interact with all authority figures.


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