MDOC places state inmates back at Alcorn County facility

ALCORN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV)  –- The Mississippi Department of Corrections has placed the state inmates who were once removed from the Alcorn County Regional Facility back into that jail.

240 inmates were removed from the facility back in October after a joint investigation discovered that there were some actions taken place that of alleged actions that officials said jeopardized public safety. Authorities conducted a shakedown before the inmates were removed and confiscated jail keys, cell phones, shoes, jewelry, tobacco, and other items. There were also allegations that inmates were allowed to change uniforms disguising their custody status, work on personal vehicles and go across state lines.

MDOC Commissioner Marshall Fisher said they are placing the inmates back into the facility because the jail has a new administration. State inmates began returning to the facility last week.

“I want to be crystal clear that the only reason I agreed to put back inmates and make the county whole again is because of my respect for new Sheriff Ben Caldwell,” Fisher said.

Fisher said MDOC suspended its contract with Alcorn County and required the county to submit a written plan of action to avoid future security breaches. He said Caldwell has met all of the conditions.

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