Jackson family’s water cut off despite paying bill

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV)  – A Jackson man says the city cut off the water at his home without warning and without cause. Nate Quarterman says his wife discovered the water was off at their home on Woodridge Place after 5 pm Tuesday. At first, the family thought the water was off because of work being done to the home, but that wasn’t the case.

Because the City of Jackson water department was already closed, Quarterman called emergency services. The person who answered said they couldn’t help him without a work order. Quarterman and his wife have 3 children under 9 years old and the water loss was a headache. Quarterman says, “So I was with my kids at gymnastics and we have to take baths after that and we have to make bottles every day for my four-month-old who is at daycare.”

The family was able to reach the Mayor’s office and get the water turned back on. But Quarterman says he doesn’t expect everyone in the city with a problem to get the results that he did or to have access to the Mayor at all hours.

Problems have plagued the water department for months. It started when the city rolled out a new water billing system last September and some people saw water bills double what they were used to. Although that wasn’t the case for Quarterman, he wants to see a better process within the water department. Quarterman says, “And there’s kind of a miscommunication between the billing aspect, emergency services group. And there’s just some communication that is breaking down.”

Quarterman says his bills are up to date. The water bill was due Wednesday but was paid last week. Despite following up with the water department Wednesday, Quarterman was never given a reason why the water was turned off. WJTV contacted the City of Jackson to find out, but we have not received an answer at this time.

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