Learning to fight back: Women learn self-defense tactics

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) —  Recently, women have been targets of violent crime, Jackson Police issued a warning to all women to be on the lookout.

But what can you do if confronted with a dangerous situation and you can’t get away? There are classes teaching women to fight back.

At the Compound Fitness Studio on State Street, the coaches of Boxer’s Rebellion are giving the power back to women.
They teach some self-defense techniques women can use to protect themselves. The recent violent attacks that Jackson has seen lately is the main reason why Sandreina Summerville started taking classes.
She leaves work at 3 and 4 in the morning.

“as I am going home its really dark outside first thought that come in my mind is someone attacking me,” she said.

“We teach every situation whether someone is attacking you while your putting groceries in your car or someone is trying to attack while going in to your house or someone tying you up or throwing you in the back of the trunk it happens,” Camry Veal said, the coach.

The first technique, is getting out of what’s called a rape choke. Th predator has his hands clasps around the victims neck.

“What she will do now is move on the side of her hip throw her legs over his face and she is going to do an arm bar,” he said.

Next, is the rear-naked choke.

“She respects the choke. 2 hands on 1. She steps out and she is going to trip and falls back and the choke is broken,” he said.

Coaches always advise to run first before using these techniques.

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