Greenville Child Dies From Flu

GREENVILLE, Miss. – In Greenville there’s growing concerns surrounding the pediatric strain of the flu virus after a middle schooler with the disease dies.

Yeah the Washington School closed at 10 o’clock this morning and will remain closed until Wednesday.

This closure is a precautionary measure after one 13-year-old died suddenly from the flu.

“My heart goes out to the members of the family, that the girl passed away,” Ann Williams said.

People in Greenville Mississippi are on high alert after a Washington school 7th grader died friday, now questions about her death are mounting.

“What is it?” Williams asked. “Is it something that just started and we don’t know what it is?”

People that knew the student say she had athsma, which may have lead to other complications when she caught the flu.

“Now I’m really nervous, because we don’t know if it’s airborne or personal contact or what–because it’s kind of scary when it just pops up,” Williams explained.

Mark Peters says his son just came down with the flu, and now he’s really concerned.

“It started with his oldest daughter, and now another daughter has it –and now he has it and i’m concerned they need to get help,” he said.

We are told five other Washington School students are hospitalized connected to the flu, and now fears of spread are growing.

“I think I’ll wear a mask, especially when I go in Walmart — I’m flying next week so it makes me think twice about it.”

The MSDH says this is the first confirmed pediatric flu death this flu season.

They also say it is not too late to prevent infection by getting a flu shot.

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