City of Byram sees more traffic because of Walmart

BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV) – Siwell Road in Byram has been a growing business corridor for some time.

Now, with the new Walmart, it’s busier than ever.

At the Scrub- A-Dub in Byram, Adam Gordon loves to wash his car, but he hates sitting traffic on Siwell Road to get to the car wash.

“The traffic gets pretty hectic around 5 o’clock and in the morning times,” Gordon said.

And with the new Walmart bringing even more, cars, he believes the city has to change some things.

“With all the new stuff that Byram is getting into you are going to need more stop lights and other things like that,” Gordon said.

And that is exactly what Mayor Richard White says the city is planning on. He says the city will be putting in several turn signals and signs in hopes to alleviate the traffic headache.

“It’s a tweaking deal that we have to tweak every day, it’s an everyday deal.  We are going to continue to do whatever it takes to move traffic around in ordeal manner.”

Hopefully, that will help traffic flow.

“Byram is becoming a big see like Pearl and Brandon and like everywhere else, that’s what it’s becoming,” Gordon said.

Mayor White tells us that the city is also getting ready to repave several of its streets.

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