Local attorney files lawsuit against Gov. Bryant about the flag

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Grenada lawyer is taking a bold stance on the Mississippi flag

He’s filing a federal lawsuit.

This lawsuit comes just days after Governor Phil Bryant proclaimed April as Confederate Heritage month.

The lawsuit was filed by attorney Carlos Moore.

Moore names Governor Bryant in the complaint to have the flag come down or the confederate battle emblem removed.

This after 12 bills by members of the legislature to redesign the flag didn’t make it out of the committee.

“There have been several acts of racial violence connected to the confederate flag emblem,” Moore said.

For months now people across the state of Mississippi have been taking sides on a divisive issue…the confederate emblem on the state’s banner

Attorney Carlos Moore cites the 2014 James Meredith statue vandalism, Tupelo Walmart bombing after the store stopped selling confederate items and the Charleston South Carolina shooting last year in a lawsuit filed on Monday, February 29.

“Mississippi is the lone last state to have the confederate emblem on their official state flag and it’s high time for it to come down,” Moore said

On Friday, February 26, Governor Bryant announced he is proclaiming April Confederate Heritage month.

“It is to remember those that died in the war between the states, it is to recognize both the failures that took place and some successes,” Governor Phil Bryant said.

Moore tells WJTV he also believes state leaders are making a mockery out of equality….

“The Governor during black history month proclaimed April as Confederate Heritage Month; why couldn’t he wait to March, why couldn’t he wait until April?” Moore said.

A statement given to us today from Clay Chandler in the governor’s office responded to Moore’s complaint by saying the following:

“This is a frivolous attempt to use the federal court system to usurp the will of the people. The governor hopes Attorney General Jim Hood will seek attorney’s fees to reimburse taxpayers the cost of defending against this needless drain on the state resources .”










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