JPD, Managers work to stop crime at apartment complexes

Jackson, Miss. — Inside Precinct 3 on Northside Drive in Jackson, a Judge, court administrator and Jackson Police officers answered questions from landlords and managers who want to protect their apartment communities.

Venetia Anderson manages several apartments in Jackson. She says crime doesn’t just happen at Jackson apartments, it’s everywhere. Anderson is right. Over the past several weeks and months WJTV has reported on auto burglaries in Ridgeland and Byram. Still, Anderson says better communication between the apartments and police could clear up many problems. Anderson says, “Sometimes we go to court and you feel like you’ve done everything that you’re supposed to do as far as what they told you to do and you get in there and you find out your judgment was incorrect or you have a constable that takes longer than you think he should to come do a set out. We just want to understand what the processes or so no one is disrespected and everyone is satisfied with the responses.”

Crime Prevention Officer Fredrick Suttles says many of the crimes happening at apartments are crimes of opportunity, like auto burglary. When someone leaves their belongings in a car, it puts them at risk to have their car broken into and items stolen. Suttles says, “Working with the managers has actually helped because we can see a downsize in auto burglaries on apartment complexes.”

According to Suttles, auto burglaries at apartments are down as much as 50% from this time last year.

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