What’s Working: Pi Beta Phi donates books

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A love of the written word can take a child far in life.

Reading builds intelligence and imagination.

Now, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Pi Beta Phi Jackson Metro Alumnae Club, 20,000 brand new books are being enjoyed by Mississippi school children.

Jackson was one of only five cities in all of America chosen for Phi Beta Phi’s Day of Service signature event.

It was a monumental effort that should make a difference for years to come.

If learning has a sound, this is it.

Books by the pallet full.

Titles and characters that will get children turning pages.

From the X-Men to Minnie Mouse.

Michelle Smith is the President of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Jackson Metro Alumnae Club. She says “We have early reader books, up until age 12, and so we have them split into three different categories, from age zero to three, four to eight and nine to 12.”

Nationally, Pi Beta Phi teamed up with non-profit First Book.

This year, they bought 100,000 books at cost; 20,000 of them came to our state.

Leslie Miller was the co-chair for this year’s Day of Service. She explains, “This is a wonderful thing for Mississippi. I can’t think of a place that could use this more, and we are thrilled to provide this service.”

The need was there, but the books would have never made it here, without plenty of hard work from our local ladies.

Michelle Smith says, “It’s been a large undertaking, a lot of people have been involved in helping us do this. So I am really excited about that.”

Plenty of these books will stay in the Capital City, but some will make their way up to the Delta and down to the Gulf Coast.

Miller adds, “We have over 140 recipient groups who serve underprivileged children across the state and they vary from schools to libraries to head starts.”

Instilling a love of reading one book at a time.

The books went out last weekend, look for them in a library or backpack near you.

Pi Beta Phi has donated more than $1,000,000 for literacy-related causes.

Their goal is to impact 1,000,000 lives.


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