Jackson apartment complex without water for days

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – What would you do if you didn’t have water for two days?

That was the reality for residents of an apartment complex in Jackson

One of the residents of Forest Park Apartments reached out to WJTV for answers and we got them.

“They weren’t able to take showers, brush their teeth, or have drinking water.”

Crews spent the early part of Tuesday working to get water running for hundreds of people living at the Forest Park Apartments in Jackson.

There’s a single valve that’ supplies water to the 120 units in the apartment complex.

They had to break through concrete just to get to it.

That process alone took a day’s work

“We had a major pipe burst and they are working to fix it now with the property. This property is almost 50-years-old,” said Cindy Holmes, the Property Manager of Forest Park Apartments.

Holmes says that old piping just gave in but they were on top of it.

“We acted immediately when we heard the water was off,” said Holmes.

The complex bought several cases of water for the residents, and that effort was doubled by a group of concerned citizens.

Those concerned citizens got together and went door to door, handing out cases of water and cleaning supplies.

“We would want someone to help us. I guess all of us were taught that. To help others when you can, so that’s what we did,” said Royce Funchess, a volunteer who was handing out water.

The city of Jackson was called out to help the complex with repairs.

The water has since been turned back on.

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