Teen injured in Kzoo shooting speaks for 1st time

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The 14-year-old girl injured in the shooting spree in Kalamazoo last month spoke for the first time since the rampage.

In a Friday update to Abigail Kopf’sGoFundMe page, her father reported that she said the word “pig.” According to the GoFundMe page, the 14-year-old has a pet pig named Hamlet.

“This little girl loves her pig. Tonight, Abbie *spoke* her first word. It was ‘pig.’”

Her family says this gives them hope that Abigail will regain her speech.

Abigail was released from the hospital on Tuesday andmoved to an inpatient rehabilitation facility in Grand Rapids.

Abigail was among eight people shot on Feb. 20. She went to a show at Kalamazoo’s Miller Auditorium with her“Grandma Barb” Hawthorne and three other friends — Mary Jo Nye, Mary Lou Nye and Dorothy Brown — then returned to a car left in the Texas Township Cracker Barrel parking lot, where police say Jason Dalton opened fire on them. Abigail was the only one of the five victims at that location to survive. She sustained a gunshot wound to the head that shattered her skull.

Dalton had already allegedly shot and wounded Tiana Carruthers at a complex of townhomes in Richland Township and then killed father and son Rich and Tyler Smith at a car dealership in Kalamazoo before the shooting at the Cracker Barrel.

A fundraiser for Abigail is being held on March 18 at Harper Creek Middle School by her classmates. A counselor at the school says all of the money raised will go to Abigail’s official GoFundMe account.

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