Belhaven University tests water on campus; No elevated levels of lead

Photo Courtesy of Belhaven University

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — Belhaven University conducted their own water tests to determine if there were elevated levels of lead on its campus.

Professors from Belhaven’s Chemistry Department collected water samples to test.

After conducting its water analysis, Belhaven University’s official report shows no elevated levels of lead on its campus. The official report found 0.00 parts per billion levels of lead in contrast to suggested U.S. Environmental Protection Agency action levels of 15 ppb.

Dr. Reid Bishop, professor and chair of the chemistry department, directed the research project. He collected water from around the campus and places where students consume higher levels of water. He then tested all samples along with lead standards, using three different methods.

“After conducting a series of qualitative and quantitative tests, we have concluded that we do not have any lead in our water using EPA tests that would identify unsafe levels of lead such as those found in high-risk areas such as Flint, Michigan,” said Dr. Bishop. “We also looked for other toxic and nontoxic metals, and there is no sign of anything in our water except normal amounts of calcium and other minerals.”


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