JPD: Store owner flashing gun did not break the law

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A store clerk loses his cool and picks up a shotgun.

Now, a community group is calling for action but the owner may not have done anything illegal.

A lot of people are calling the store owner’s actions disrespectful and uncalled for.

There are others though who say he acted within his rights.

WJTV’s Terrance Friday went to the Jackson Police Department to find out.

There is a video that has sparked some heated debates and raised questions about conduct.

“Talk to him like a human.”

“Get out of my store. Get out of my store!”

“I’ll tell you what; you don’t have to ever worry about me coming back here.”

“I don’t give a ‘explicit!”

Those few sentences were said in an exchange at a Jackson gas station.

The owner of J and R Service Station on Medgar Evers Boulevard argues with two customers; demanding that they leave.

When they don’t, he flashes his shotgun.

“I talked to who is out there and asked him what did I do wrong. A police sergeant came this morning and he said you didn’t do anything wrong,” said Guidee Sing the owner of J and R Service Station.

But, there are a lot of people who feel otherwise.

Bill Hunt recorded the incident.

“The owner says the man was drunk and he was telling him to go,” said Hunt.

But, Hunt says the way he was talking to both of them was beyond comprehension.

It may seem excessive, but was the owner acting within his legal rights?

Jackson Police think so.

“It appeared to me that he is. I think that anybody who has doubts about that should probably examine in the castle,” said Jackson Police Department’s Chief of Police Lee Vance.

According to the castle doctrine, under certain circumstances, a person is able to use force to defend themselves against an intruder.

Since the video went viral, the social justice group Respect our Black Dollars has gotten involved.

Many calling the incident racially charged, but Sing, whose wife is black, says that’s ridiculous.

“I’ve got a wife. I have four kids. I work 15 hours a day by myself. You come to my door, bothering me,” said Sing.

JPD refuses to pick sides, but Chief Vance has a message for both parties.

“This is a situation that could have gotten out of control. Not by anything the officer did, but by the actions of the two people involved,” said Chief Vance.

“It’s not our position to come and take side on this matter. But our position is, to do what we are bound to do and that is to enforce the law, investigate complaints. The officer did so and reports were given to both parties.”

The man who recorded the video pressed charges against the store owner on Monday.

Respect our Black Dollars is also organizing a protest in response to the video.

This is a developing story.

Please stay with WJTV as more information becomes available.

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