Rising water in Byram concerns some residents

BYRAM, Miss. (WJTV) -The Pearl River is expected to crest at 34 feet at 7:00 p.m. Monday night.

Near the Swinging Bridge in Byram, the road disappears into the water.

The Hinds County Emergency Management Director says homeowners should not be too worried yet.

“Thirty-four feet doesn’t put any water in anybody’s homes, it just makes everybody look,” said Hinds County EMA Director Ricky Moore.

However, it’s made some people leave their homes. Already, one home is empty.

The owners left, otherwise, they’d be walking through at least a foot of water to get in and out.

Sightseers were out in the area Monday.

Benny Valentine came down to check out the water level.

“It looks like a big pond right now. The waters come up out of The Pearl so high but it’s about as high as I’ve seen it,” said Benny Valentine, a Hinds County resident.

Valentine has lived in the area over 40 years but he’s not afraid of his house flooding.

“No ma’am, we’re on a subdivision that’s sort of in a hill and it goes down,” said Valentine.

Still, Hinds County EMA Director Ricky Moore says people should watch out.

“What we don’t want is people riding thru any water. We don’t want people playing in any water. This river is very swift. We don’t need any recreational activity on this water,” said Moore.

The other thing authorities are dealing with is mosquitoes. Use caution and don’t forget bug spray.


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