JPD investigates string of car break-ins

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There has been an increased police presence around the  Belhaven Heights area of Jackson following a rash of car break-ins.

Authorities are working now to determine if they are connected to other crimes.

Broken glass and missing property…that’s what Jackson PD is investigating.

Right now, one apartment complex is working with JPD looking into four suspects they believe are connected to a string of car break-ins around the city.

“It’s hard to tell at 2 a.m. who’s doing what so, I just feel sorry for the people who got victimized during that crime.”

Around 2:00 a.m. Tuesday morning Belhaven Heights was rocked by broken car windows and items missing from the vehicles.

“A few cars, their windows were broken out, and when I looked down I saw my glove compartment was open. I was like “Wait a minute!”. I went downstairs and there was stuff everywhere, my console was open, my glove compartment was open, they were really looking for something,” said VerJuan Gordon, a Belhaven Heights resident.

About a dozen cars were hit at Belhaven Springs, an apartment complex that sits between Jefferson and Madison Streets.

“They were just going down the row, and it was specific cars. It wasn’t just, I’m saying like Toyotas, Toyotas, and Fords, regular cars, they weren’t going for like big cars like you Audis and Beamers,” said Gordon.

Belhaven Springs Management took to social media saying in part…”This is a reminder to remove all valuables from your vehicle at night. Belhaven Residential remains vigilant about trying to catch criminals.”

“It can happen anywhere, it’s just if your car is vulnerable and the stuff that they see inside is worth breaking or taking or doing whatever they want to do … they’ll do it,” said Jonathon McGonagle, a Belhaven Heights resident.

And similar incidents played out all across Jackson overnight.

WJTV was told break-ins were reported on streets and at apartment complexes around Jackson including Covington Park, Belhaven Heights, and Elton Park.

Juveniles were taken into custody for possession of stolen items at Elton Park.

Now folks are thinking twice about leaving anything in their cars.

“Knowing that people are taking my stuff, I work hard for my stuff…and the fact that you know somebody’s taking it — it doesn’t feel good, I don’t feel as safe as I did before,” said Gordon.

Belhaven Residential Property Manager James Burwell tells us they have been in contact with all their residents.

They are advising people in this area to be cautious, remove valuables from sight, and report things that seem suspicious.

At this time, they are reviewing surveillance video with JPD.


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