City of Jackson issues update on several bridges that need repair

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – On Tuesday, WJTV told you about several bridges in Jackson that have low inspection ratings according to the Department of State Aid Road Construction.

The bridge on Officer Thomas Catchings Senior Drive near Galvez Street is one of the most insufficient bridges in Jackson according to the Department of State Aid Road Construction. The latest inspection shows the deck is in poor condition. Out of a score of 100, the bridge only got a 13.9.

On Wednesday, the City of Jackson told WJTV they are looking into the condition of that bridge. But neighbors are concerned. Robizene Davis has lived nearby since the 1970s. She’s worried about the safety of children who walk across the bridge every day after school. Davis says, “They be coming across this bridge from school and half of the time they be on the top of this bridge and it’s like it’s going to collapse or whatever.”

The city also issued an update on the Robinson Road Extension bridge. It collapsed on Friday, March 11. Now, the city says they are looking for federal funds to repair the bridge but it could be 6-7 months before that happens.

In the meantime, other bridges remain closed. Like the one on Hanging Moss Road. When it was last inspected, it got a seven out of 100. The city says they are taking bids on Friday for pre-construction. Demolition on the existing bridge could happen in the next couple of weeks. A new bridge will cost $340,000.

Click here to see the latest inspections of the bridges in Jackson.

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