Jackson neighborhood receives repairs after severe weather

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It was a day of fixes after all the rain swept away part of Westhaven Boulevard.

Even though work is being done, some in the neighborhood say they’re fed up with the constant problems.

The neighborhood association had a meeting last night at Provine High School.

They are told that a nearby lake is softening the ground near the sewage.

“We are not able to come in and go as we please we have to take a detour all the way around. People don’t have gas to waste like that,” said Jirylle Body a Jackson homeowner.

The rainstorm washout that wreaked havoc on parts of Jackson has left homeowners in the Westchester community with a sea of frustrations.

“There’s a lot of stuff that needs to be done. We need to have these roads fixed.”

“You got to potholes on both sides of the street. They are blocking the streets off. They’re blocking the street off completely on one end,” said Body.

But those roadblocks are a safety precaution.

The city acted fast to block the sections of the street off after parts of the road literally crumbled when the rain rolled through.

“It’s been terrible. Just trying to get in and out. As long as they are working on it and trying to make it better so we can get out of here, that’s fine with me,” said Calvin Sanders the Westchester Hills Neighborhood President.

Those crews have been putting in the work.

All day Wednesday, teams were out patching potholes and resurfacing the roads.

Some are simply thankful, others still frustrated.

“It’s just horrible. The city of Jackson, I feel like they need to do more about the streets,” said Body.

“We should start seeing streets in neighborhoods getting resurfaced,” said City of Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber.

But, city leaders say help is on the way.

After an “Operation Orange Cone” meeting this morning, Mayor Yarber talked about the need for road repairs across the city.

The projects will be funded by the one percent sales tax.

“It’s the beginning of a long arduous process. We’ve got about 20 years of this, but at least now we can finally get started,” said Mayor Yarber.

“I know you can’t fix everything in a day. As long as there were trying to work on it and get it back so we can get through there I’m fine with that,” said Sanders.



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