Rankin Co. Sheriff: Deputy injured; Leg pinned between 2 cars by suspect

James Stilwell

RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The Rankin County Sheriff’s office is down one deputy after a drug bust turned violent.

That deputy is now recovering at UMMC and is expected to be okay.

Right now, we don’t know the name of the deputy that was injured today in the line of duty.

All we know is that his leg injury is not life threatening.

And as far as the man responsible for injuring deputy, this isn’t his first run-in with the law.

“Anytime an officer or a deputy gets injured, you know we’re all a big family so it affects everybody,” said Barry Vaughn, a narcotics investigator with the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office.

A Wednesday afternoon drug bust took a violent turn when deputies say 29-year-old James Stilwell tried to leave the scene injuring an officer.

“He was struck by the suspect’s vehicle and was pinned between his door and his vehicle,” said Investigator Vaughn.

WJTV was told after an undercover officer bought the pills from Stilwell, he tried to run from police in marked units striking a deputy’s car.

“It’s definitely a dangerous situation when you’re dealing with somebody attempting to flee in a vehicle,” said Investigator Vaughn.

Investigator Vaughn says you can never plan for officers to get injured even with extensive training.

“We try to train and stay abreast of the best scenarios we train for, prepare for, or plan for but nothing ever goes to plan,” said Investigator Vaughn.

Stilwell is facing sale of controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer.

“I believe he is going to make a full recovery, and be back in the service,” said Investigator Vaughn.

Now for Stilwell, he could be facing other charges. He is expected to appear before Judge Kent McDaniel and District Attorney Michael Guest for his initial appearance soon.






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