DiMassimo pleads ‘not guilty’ in stage rush case

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) –  Thomas DiMassimo, the man accused of rushing the stage during Donald Trump’s rally in Vandalia pleaded not guilty to federal charges.

2 NEWS Investigates’ Natalie Tendall was in the courtroom Friday morning.:

DiMassimo faces a possible maximum sentence of one year in prison, $100,000 in fines and one year of probation. The Judge allowed DiMassimo to go free until his next court appearance as long as he adheres to some rules. DiMassimo is not allowed to travel outside the southern district of Ohio, he must attend all court appearances and he must undergo a psychiatric evaluation if one is ordered by the Court.

Thomas DiMassimo winked at our cameras but didn’t have much to say as he walked into federal court Friday. His attorney did speak with us after court.

“It’s clear from our point of view that Tommy was simply engaged in his mind, in political speech. He was simply trying to make the point that he has political views and he wanted to be heard,” said attorney, Jon Paul Rion.

The 22-year old has been charged in federal court with entering a restricted building without lawful authority, according to court documents.

According to court documents, DiMassimo knowingly entered a restricted area “cordoned off and otherwise restricted area where a person protected by the Secret Service.”

The charge is federal, which acting US Attorney for the Southern District of Ohio, Benjamin Glassman says is on purpose. He hopes the seriousness of this case gets a message across to everyone in the US.

“Passions are high in this election and we think it’s important people who are attending political events whether they are attending to support a candidate or whether they are intending to protest that everybody is safe,” said Glassman.

Glassman says this charge is rare and might even be a first for the district.

Rion said that’s why this case is more about a court restricting someone’s access to a political event.

“It’s a significant political issue in our mind. The first amendment protects the ability for political speech,” said Rion, “If the courts can do something to Tommy DiMassimo, the courts can do something to any citizen of the U.S.”

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