Devonta McGee’s family speaks about his murder

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – There has been more than a dozen homicides in the city of Jackson since the New Year began.

The latest shooting took the life of a 16-year-old early Monday, March 28.

The family member of the teen and a local pastor that says something needs to be done to keep kids safe

“You never know what day. You never know what day or what hour. Just the youngest one of the family that’s gone.”

Tony Porter talks about how hard the last 24 hours has been after losing his brother-in-law.

Devonta McGee was shot and killed on Violet Avenue.

“I come outside to a lot of gunshots. By the time I made it out here, I seen my brother-in-law laid out on the yard… I still can’t think about it,” said Porter.

Tony says Devonta was a young man with a fun spirit, always on the go.

“Always having fun. He liked to smile. He liked to be around his girl. He had a little one on the way,” said Porter.

According to the Jackson Police Department, there have been 19 homicides this year.

A number that doesn’t surprise Ronnie Crudup, the pastor at New Horizon Church.

“It really doesn’t shock me. When you have a city like Jackson that’s been deprived of so many things, people start doing things to survive,” said Crudup.

Porter would like to see a larger police presence in the area where Devonta was killed.

“This is mostly a senior neighborhood. So we might need a little more law enforcement over here,” said Porter.

But Pastor Ronnie says it’s going to take more than the police.

“We have to find some solutions as a community to really help and combat the crime, and especially the really hard violence going on in our city,” said Crudup.

“It’s all about your timing, your curfew. You can’t be out there late. Teens really don’t need to be out there late.”

Porter has a message for whoever killed 16-year-old Devonta McGee.

“For the person that did this. I hope they turn themselves in. It’s the right thing to do and it’s going to be on their conscience,” said Porter.

Right now, there is no word yet on a suspect or motive in the killing.

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