MDOT celebrates 100 years

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Mississippi Department of Transportation started its second century of service to Mississippians.

The Mississippi Legislature created the Mississippi State Highway Commission 100 years ago on  March 29th, 1916.

The department recognized the past century of transportation history on its centennial anniversary with a ceremony

“Whenever you celebrate 100 years of something, particularly something as successful as our highway program has been. Now there’s been some ups and downs. There’s been periods of when our system is not as nice as we’d like it to be and frankly right now is one of those times. I think it’s good to come together today to point out where we’ve been, the difficulties we’ve had, the obstacles we’ve overcome, to get out of the dirt, the mud, to build a system that we have built,” said Dick Hall, Central District Transportation Commissioner.

The once in a lifetime celebration was held in the MDOT administration building in Jackson.

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