Veterans Memorial Stadium may be coming down

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The Governor of Mississippi wants a health corridor where Veterans Memorial Stadium now stands.

That would leave Jackson State University looking for a place to play football.

It’s the talk of campus.

“That’s the number one question where are we going to play football?”

All sparked by recent comments from Governor Phil Bryant when he was asked about the stadium.

“I think that it’s time to take it down and use that area as a medical city not only for the University Medical Center but for Baptist, St. Dominic’s and other industries to come to that area and extend that area as a health care corridor; and we need to go over to Jackson State and build them a stadium to enjoy that will be there on their great urban campus,” said Governor Bryant.

The governor says that proposed health corridor is expected to be built in the next 10 years.

“If it’s for a hospital, I see the benefit of it but at the same time, our football players won’t have a facility or the band as well. We won’t have anywhere to march in or play and all the fans, they love it,” said Demarshi Johnson, a Jackson State University student.

There was a plan to build a dome stadium on JSU’s campus, but issues, funding and how much it would cost, has stalled the process.

But regardless of what a new facility might look like, some students like Kendal Bunch think tearing down the old stadium might actually be a positive.

“It will help Jackson State. To make progress on our new stadium, on campus which has been an ultimate goal for Jackson State for a while,” said Bunch

Jackson State University sent us this following statement”

It has always been a desire of Jackson State University to have a football stadium on its main campus, and we appreciate the support we’ve been given to try to make this a reality.

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