Woman says 3,000,000 gallons of water lost to leak in 4 months

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – During a listening tour stop at Christ United Methodist Church on Old Canton Road, neighbors presented complaints and solutions to Jackson Mayor Tony Yarber.

Bethan Read has lived in Jackson all her life. She was one of dozens of neighbors who attended the meeting. Read says there is a leak on a street in her Briarwood Terrace neighborhood that’s been there since last Thanksgiving. Read says, “We did, like I say, an unscientific study and we found it it was leaking a gallon every five seconds.”

If Read’s math is right, that means 12 gallons of water a minute and 17,280 gallons a day are lost. According to Read, “So, that comes to a total of 2,073,600.”

But Public Works Director Kishia Powell says that’s a small leak compared to others in the city. According to Powell, the city is losing 40% of treated water.

Read’s complaint was one of dozens. It didn’t stop Mayor Yarber from taking an optimistic view. Following the meeting, he said, “So I think tonight the message I heard from folks was there willing to make the investment and they’re willing to make a long-term investment if they see the results that were saying they’re going to get.”

Still, Read wants to see her problem fixed but knows she’s not alone. She says, “It’s on the side of the road so it’s not bothering traffic. Got cones over it but it’s not doing anything but tearing the street up. I don’t know. I feel sorry for all of us. We’re all dealing with the same thing.”

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