College Republicans to push for legislation if Gov. Bentley refuses to step down

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — A Republican collegiate group is calling for Governor Bentley to resign, and is asking the legislature to take steps if that doesn’t happen.

After the Governor told CBS42 News that he had no plans to step down on Monday, the College Republican Federation of Alabama unanimously passed a resolution calling for his resignation.

The resolution states that they believe that Bentley has brought shame to the state.  It also asks state lawmakers to pass a recall law and turn the matter over to the voters of the state- if Bentley does not resign.

“I mean this is more action as you would expect in Chicago or something along those lines, not necessarily in traditionally-minded Alabama,” said Jeb Blackwood of the CRFA. “So the legislature needs to come in and try to kick this corruption in the gut.”

Blackwood believes that the case is important because it is hurting the people of Alabama in multiple ways.

“There’s two tiers that are going on here,” Blackwood said. “You’ve got political corruption, and then you’ve also got a moral degradation that’s occurring in Montgomery and that’s a shame. That’s a crying out shame.”

In light of the current scandal, Republican State Representative Will Ainsworth posted on Facebook that he will be researching and introducing legislation that deals with recalling politicians in the state.

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