No charges for Minneapolis officers in shooting

FILE - This undated file photo released by his sister Javille Burns shows Jamar Clark. The unrest over Clark’s death evolved beyond his case: Demands that city and state leaders do something about persistent problems of poverty, especially on the city’s predominantly black north side, seen as at the root of racial tensions. (Jamar Clark/Javille Burns via AP, File)

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Two Minneapolis police officers will not be charged in the fatal shooting of a black man last November.

A Minneapolis prosecutor says he relied heavily on forensic evidence to determine that a 24-year-old man was not handcuffed when he was shot by police in November.

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman on Wednesday cleared two officers in the death of Jamar Clark. Some bystanders said that Clark, a black man, was handcuffed when he was shot and his death set off weeks of protests.

Freeman said that 10 paramedic or law enforcement witnesses testified that Clark wasn’t handcuffed.

The two officers testified they were unable to handcuff him, and Freeman says the witnesses who said Clark was handcuffed gave differing accounts.

Freeman says physical exams found no evidence of bruising on Clark’s wrists consistent with being handcuffed. He also said traces of Clark’s DNA found on the grip of one officer’s gun supported the contention that he was not handcuffed.

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