Groups protest at Canton Nissan plant

JACKSON, Miss. –Students and Labor rights groups protested the conditions at the Canton Nissan plant today.

And WJTV’s Lucy Dieckhaus was there to hear why they were calling for change.

More than a dozen people chanted in front of Nissan and even marched on company grounds after they say workers are being intimidated not to unionize. They also say the employees there face many unfair working conditions.

They wanted Nissan to hear their message loud and clear.

Students from Tougaloo College, the University of Mississippi, and Jackson State University along with a man who traveled all the way from New York to protest says while Nissan has dedicated workers, they aren’t being treated well.

They pointed out that Nissan has employees who’ve unionized in other countries, so they are asking why not here in Mississippi? And now they’re saying enough is enough.

” It is important that we stand up. It is important that we make a stand. It is critical,” said Michel’le Wheatley.

“They set up shop in the south, and a majority of these workers are minorities, but then they put in so much money and effort in pushing down the workers,” said Briana Cartwright.

Now we also reached out to Nissan, and they issued this statement.

“At Nissan, the decision to join – or not to join – a union is entirely up to the employee. We support each employee’s right to choose who represents them, and in Canton, there’s never been sufficient interest to bring it to a vote. Nissan continues to provide some of the highest paying manufacturing jobs locally and in Mississippi, strong benefits, a working environment that exceeds industry standards and an open dialogue based on transparency and mutual respect.”

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