Federal hearings to be held Tuesday for confessed Mother Emanuel shooter, friend

CHARLESTON, SC — A federal hearing is set for 10:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 5 for admitted Charleston Church shooter Dylann Roof.

At the hearing, the federal government could announce whether they will seek the death penalty in this case. U.S. District Judge Richard Gergel will discuss with attorneys the status of the cases against both Dylann Roof and Joey Meek.

Former South Carolina Attorney General Charlie Condon said it is highly unusual for a case to be tried on both the state and federal levels.

“Here in South Carolina, in Charleston, we have this unusual situation where both systems are contemplating active capital cases which, of course, are time consuming and very expensive. And I believe the reason it’s happened this way is because of the gravity of the crime, alleged crimes. You’ve got 9 folks killed at a church service and it’s got a clear racial motivation.” said Condon.

Roof waived his right to appear at Tuesday’s hearing.

Roof, faces nine counts of murder in state court and is charged with hate crimes and other counts in federal court.

His friend, Joey Meek, also has a federal hearing today. He is charged with withholding information about Roof’s plot from investigators.

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