Federal judge says a ruling is “forthcoming” about Mississippi flag

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – The attorney suing Governor Phil Bryant over the state flag made his first appearance in federal court today.

Judge Carlton Reeves did not give Carlos Moore the answer he was looking for.

“The judge may have questions that we will answer and the judge will make a ruling either from the bench or he will issue a ruling in writing,” said Moore.

No ruling today, after hearing Carlos Moore’s arguments.

Judge Carlton Reeves took the matter under advisement and said a ruling would be forthcoming.

Moore wants the state flag to come down.

He believes it’s discriminatory and offensive toward African-Americans and he claims it’s even affected his health.

“Each time I enter into a courthouse, it has that state flag. I am offended, I feel threatened and that is causing me undue stress and anxiety,” said Moore.

And the threats continued.

After filing the lawsuit, February 29, 2016 against Governor Phil Bryant, Moore says he’s received three death threats.

“I have beefed up the security. We have full-time security. We have the cameras. We have the alarm systems. We have done everything we can to protect ourselves,” said Moore.

Part of Moore’s argument is that his injuries are subjecting him to second-class citizenship and denying him dignity.

“I won’t take second best. Never have taken it, and I won’t take it now,” said Moore.

Moore doesn’t agree with everything Mississippi stands for, but he did take an oath to uphold the values of the state and the United States. He says that’s where things get confusing.

“So here you have ideas of freedom with the U.S. Constitution and laws and have ideas of segregation with Mississippi laws and the constitution. That’s a conflict. So that’s another reason why I have standing to bring my lawsuit,” said Moore.

No word on when a decision will be made.

Representatives for Governor Bryant declined to comment.


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