Gas Station Fire Ruled Arson

Investigators have ruled a destructive gas fire in Jackson as arson.
The video isn’t the best quality, but we are told that police are working not to use whatever clues they can to pinpoint the person responsible for this.
If you look closely at this video surveillance, you can see a figure moving back and forth in front of the Exxon gas station just moments before it catches fire completely.
The glowing you see at first may be the lights inside the store. Eventually, the flames grow, and you can see the fire burning more intensely form inside.

“Everything is replaceable. Everything is replaceable, so we are fine. It’s a financial burden, but we will be OK,” store owner, Connie Alammari said.

The fire started Tuesday morning around 5:30 at the Exxon on McDowell Road. Thankfully no one was hurt, but that could have been a different story.
“Our firefighters did a great job with keeping the fire contained in that structure. They actually kept a stream in between the structure in the gas pumps. Like a said they did a great job,” Cleotha Sanders of the Jackson Fire Department said.

The owners of the store have not said what their plan of action is from here. However, they too are glad there were no serious injuries.
“We are just thankful that no one got hurt. No employees got hurt, and no customers are in danger. Everybody’s fine,” Alammari said.
Investigators have not told us how they were able to determine that the fire was set intentionally, but they did say that collected samples and that information have been sent to a lab for testing.
If caught, the person who started this fire will be criminal charges for arson. They could also face possible burglary charges if it’s determined that there was a theft as well.

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