Terry parents upset about school discipline at high school

Terry, Miss. (WJTV) – Some angry parents say students a Terry High School are being arrested for minor misbehavior.

During a Hinds County School Board meeting Thursday night, concerned parents and representatives from the Southern Poverty Law Center spoke to the school board about their concerns.

According to a letter from the Southern Poverty Law Center, 57 students have been arrested at Terry High School in the past three years. They say 31 of those arrests are for this school year alone.

Anthony Gates, who’s a concerned parent, spoke at the meeting. He, along with others, requested the school district be more open when it comes to disciplinary action being taken with students. Gates said in part, “when you see injustice going on especially in a county where you pay taxes and your children go to school; we are looking out for the best interest of everyone.”

Parents claim the students are being arrested for minor infractions only. The school board, however, disagrees.

Dr. Delesicia Martin, Superintendent for the Hinds County School District, says school leaders call the police out of concern for student and staff safety.

Martin says school officials do not involve law enforcement officers unless there’s a crime being committed. “Our definition of disorderly conduct includes a major fight, that caused bodily harm or disruption in the classroom,” Dr. Martin said.

We’re told three teachers have been injured when trying to break up serious fights at the school.

Out of concern for safety, leaders say they respond appropriately to fights or anything that could disrupt the learning process.

To further help parents understand the discipline process and keep communication lines open, school leaders have set up a series of meetings to further address their concerns.

The first meeting will be held on Thursday, April 28, at 6:00 p.m. at Terry High. To find out more information, click here.



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