Fire hydrant leak causing concern

JACKSON, Miss (WJTV) – A leaking fire hydrant has residents concerned for their safety.

Neighbors say a car accident four years ago started this problem.
“It didn’t spring a leak at that time it just knocked it to one side.”

Residents say the Jackson Water Department came out to Magnolia Avenue about three months ago to flush the water, but it didn’t fix the broken fire hydrant.
“They need to come out and fix it.”

One man who lives here says it’s gotten worse.
“I’m sort of alarmed now that it is higher than it’s ever been.”

The deepest water is more than a foot deep. but that’s not his only concern.
“I’m concerned about the fire hydrant itself. If my house catches fire then I’m concerned they are going to have to go somewhere else to get the water.”
“That is not the case.”

Chief Cleotha Sanders of the Jackson Fire Department says there is no need to worry.
“We’re able to use the water that’s already on our truck to make a quick attack on any given fire situation”, said Chief Sanders.

Those who live along Magnolia Avenue will be glad when the problem is fixed.
“I called the number but i never could make contact. I gave up.”

WJTV reached out to the City of Jackson about this issue. We are still waiting for their response.


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