Local runner remembers Boston Marathon bombings

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – It has been three years since the Boston Marathon bombings.

The double bombing killed at least three people and injured more than 200.

One local runner remembers training for that race three years ago.

What was simply a step in the right direction for Jody Ogletree.

“I originally started running to lose weight,” said Ogletree.

Turned into a sprint of passion that made him wanting more.

“I guess anyone who laced up a pair of shoes and wanted to run a marathon that is their goal and their dream to run in the Boston Marathon,” said Ogletree.

Ogletree ran the Boston Marathon back in 2013 and what was supposed to be a day of happiness and joy turned tragic.

“Pretty devastating…pretty bad,” said Ogletree.

When two terrorists detonated two, pressure cooker bombs at the end of the marathon route.

“I heard sirens go by my hotel room,” said Ogletree.

Fortunately, Ogletree had finished the race prior to the attacks but he remembers everything that followed.

“My wife called and she said ‘Are you okay?’ and I said and she said ‘Something is going on’ and said there has been a news bulletin saying there had been bombs,” said Ogletree.” And that’s when you could see the wide spread panic.”

Three years later, Ogletree says it’s not easy thinking about that day.

“You hate that they use such a great event for such evil purposes,” said Ogletree.

But he understands to get over something, you have to keep running forward.

Ogletree says he plans to run the marathon again next year.

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