High water levels threaten one river business

WARREN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – High river levels on the Mississippi River have impacted people in the Eagle Lake Community.

One man says high water has left him turning people away from his business.

The high water levels at Eagle Lake have given Earl Wallace headaches.

“People are scared of water, especially high water,” said Wallace.

Wallace says that has affected his business here at his RV Estate Park, forcing customers away.

“They call to make reservations and I discourage them to come down here because it’s so rough,” said Wallace.

Several piers are underwater and the tide is covering, inching up on to the shore.

John Elfer, with the Warren County Emergency Management Agency, says it’s a domino effect.

Heavy rain has caused the Mississippi River to rise.

That pushes more water into surrounding bayous which put the Eagle Lake Community in a bad position.

Until the river levels go down, engineers can’t do anything.

They are not able to let water out of Eagle Lake through the muddy bayou drainage system.

That is causing it to fill up four to six feet higher than normal.

And with more rain on the way, Elfer predicts the river will continue to rise, leaving Wallace to ride this wave of pain a little while longer.

“Just rebuild over again. That’s what we do living in paradise,” said Wallace.

Elfer says with more rain he expects the river to rise a couple more feet.


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