Yazoo City Records 5th Homicide This Year

YAZOO CITY, Miss. (WJTV) — Authorities are conducting a homicide investigation in Yazoo City.

“When you lose somebody to violence, it’s hard to deal with it,” Sullivan Johnson said remembering Tyler.

Yazoo Police said they were called to a W. 11th Street around 1:15 Tuesday afternoon. When they arrived on the scene,  Anthony Tyler, 36, was found dead at his home.

Anthony Tyler
Anthony Tyler

“He was just a good person, a good hearted person and when I got he news it kind of devastated me,” Johnson said.

According to Yazoo City Police Chief Jeff Curtis, Tyler’s death marks the fifth homicide for Yazoo City this year.

“Yazoo City has had, a great history of being a peaceful community unfortunately I think you’re seeing a trend,” Curtis said. “Not just in Yazoo City, but across our state right now.”

Tyler’s body stayed inside his home for hours after police received the call as the state crime lab was also on the scene.

State agencies are assisting local police in this death investigation, we are told Tyler’s house took hours to process.

“There’s just going to have to be that process of gathering information, getting statements, we’re in the process already,” Curtis said. “I think we’ve got four people that we’re interviewing at this time to gather as much information as we can to lead us in the right direction.”

WJTV is working to get more details.

We will update this story as soon as more details become available.

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