JPS School Bus has a blowout on I-20

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – A Jackson Public Schools’ bus ends up on the side of the road after a tire blowout and earlier this year, another bus lost an entire wheel; both times there were kids on the bus.

School leaders tell us they’re trying to put preventative measures in place to keep it from happening again, but some parents we talked to are worried it might happen again.

“I just thank God my kids were not on that bus,” said Tomeka Davis, a JPS parent.

Davis says she was in complete shock to hear of a Tuesday morning school bus blowout with children inside.

“I’m just like what is going on? Then I heard about the one this morning and I just thought something isn’t right. This is the second time. That we always coming off of the bus, I just don’t understand it,” said Davis.

The police were called and another bus was brought in to take the children to school.

They made it to class only a few minutes late, with no injuries.

It was a similar situation back in February when another bus lost a wheel.

That time there were also students on board when it happened.

“I don’t really let my children ride the bus too much. I take my kids back and forth to school myself. I want to make sure they are safe,” said  Eric Weathersby, a JPS parent.

We contacted the school district to find out what’s being done at JPS when it comes to school bus maintenance.

“We are required by the state department to have our buses checked every 180 days. Of course, we don’t always wait until then. If we find out that there is a problem, we immediately jump on it,” said Sherwin Johnson, the Executive Director of Public Relations for Jackson Public School District.

The district operates more than 300 buses a day.

With that, more than 2,500-hundred students are transported.

Leaders say budget issues do have an impact, but that’s no excuse.

“Of course, we would prefer to have new school buses and the superintendent has made it no secret that we are in need of funding. Funding would help us to fix a lot of problems like this but I can assure you that we love your children like our own and we are going to do our very best to take care of them,” said Johnson

The buses are checked every 180 days or every 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

They also tell us buses are also inspected on a regular basis for overall safety.


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