Kenya: Woman found alive after 6 days in collapsed building

Caption: Rescuers work at the site of a building collapse in Nairobi, Kenya, Saturday, April 30, 2016. A six-story residential building collapsed last week under heavy rain and flooding. A woman was found alive Thursday, May 5, 2016, six days later. (Sayyid Abdul Azim/AP)

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A Kenyan woman has been rescued after being trapped for six days in the rubble of a collapsed building.

Live TV footage shows the woman being carried away on stretcher covered by a blanket and with an oxygen tank by her side to a waiting Kenya Red Cross ambulance.

Kenya’s Disaster Management Unit said earlier Thursday medics had managed to give woman oxygen, water and glucose intravenously while she was stuck.

Her rescue Thursday comes as the death toll from the collapse of the seven story building rose to 36 and 70 people remain missing.

A nearly six-month-old baby was rescued on Tuesday, a development which raised hopes that more survivors would be found. The infant was found unharmed in a washbasin four days after the building collapsed.

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