Police Looking into Kidnapping

JACKSON, Miss. – A trip to Walmart for a Mother’s Day gift took a violent turn when a woman claims she was kidnapped, carjacked, and left for dead.

Now police departments in two cities are investigating this incident.

“I was just scared, this is it, this is the end,” the victim told WJTV. “I felt like this was it.”

A Forest woman described the moments after she says she was kidnapped in her car from a Walmart parking lot Wednesday evening.

“A black guy sprung up from behind me and put a belt around my neck,” the victim said. “He started choking me and said you’re not driving, I’m driving.”

The woman who asked not to be identified said she left her new car unlocked when she went inside the Walmart in Forest .

When she got back in the car she said a man was in the backseat.

“I was terrified,” she said.

The victim tells us she ended up at Hawkins Field in Jackson, bruised and naked, with no car and no purse.

The woman was checked out at Saint Dominic Hospital in Jackson.

She said with the attacker on the run and her car still missing she has a word of advice.

“Make sure your car is locked and look in your back seat before you take off.”

Both Forest police and Jackson police tell us they are investigating the incident.

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