Super 8 Motel Drug Bust

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Several people are behind bars after a drug bust at a local motel. One man is on the run and officials say he’s a former Hinds County Sheriff’s deputy.

It all happened Thursday afternoon, when Hinds County Sheriff, Victor Mason stopped by a motel and found a variety of illegal drugs, weapons, and a load of cash.

“People are calling us, and we are going to act on these tips,” said Victor Mason, Hinds County Sheriff.

That’s what led Sheriff Mason and his team to the Super Eight Motel on I-55. When they made it there, Mason says they smelled an odor coming from one of the motel rooms. They found, cocaine, meth, 150 Xanax bars, weapons, and more than one thousand dollars in cash. A car was also towed.

“The message we’re trying to send these people is the HCSO is not playing. It’s a new day now. We’re trying to rid Jackson and Hinds County of all this illegal crime,” said Mason.

Five people were arrested: Marlon Mack, Shanika Smith, Jessica Sims, and two juveniles. There’s one more person officials are looking for; the person who booked the room. Right now, he hasn’t been identified, be we do know he happens to be a former Hinds County Deputy.

“So he’s going to face some charges along with everybody else,” said Mason.

Mason and his team are fired up and ready for their next tip.

“We are trying to make this area and these businesses safe,” said Mason.

All five suspects will be charged with possession with intent to distribute.

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