Local Officers Joining Forces to Curb Crime

JACKSON, Miss. – Joining forces to target criminals, that’s the game plan for a new partnership between Jackson Police and the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office.

The two-week-old program is called “Side by side.”

“We mean business, for years we’ve gone unnoticed, and the police department was going that way we were going our way,” Sheriff Victor Mason explained.

It’s a new approach to stopping criminals in their tracks.

“In law enforcement we are always faced with challenges as far as resources are concerned, so the sheriff and I have decided that by combining resources it’s a more efficient effective use of our manpower,” Jackson Police, Chief Lee Vance said.

“Side by side” and just as the name suggests Hinds County and Jackson Police are coming together focusing on capital city crime with the help of checkpoints and other operations.

“Crime if you go strictly by numbers, our crime has been decreasing for months, but here is the thing…we’ve had a lot of violent crime in the city,” Vance said.

“We know the problem spots, we want to erase these problems from those spots,” Mason said. “We are sending a message to the criminal element we are tired of yall’s foolishness and we’re getting ready to work.”

Right now there are about 40 officers that will spend extended time in Jackson neighborhoods for what is being called a long-term attack on crime.

“This is not a weekend operation, these individuals will be working together for the foreseeable future,” Vance stated. “This is an extended sustained effort.”

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