Mother’s day at the Ronald McDonald House

JACKSON, Miss. — Mother’s day is around the corner, but not every family will get to celebrate at their home.

WJTV’s Lucy Dieckhaus spoke with two Mississippi mothers who will spend mother’s day with their children but at the hospital.

My mom tells me on a regular basis that the greatest gift she can get on mother’s day is having healthy happy kids, and that’s just what these mothers are fighting for.

“It’s hard because he is down there and i can’t hold him and brother is an hour and a half away and i can’t be with him so it’s not the way i envisioned my first mother’s day,” said Jenna Dement.

Jenna Dement is a new mom to twins, and while many mothers who have children in the hospital cry tears of sorrow; these are tears of gratitude.

” These guys going what they are doing down here it is amazing,” said Dement.

Dement and other families say their time at the Ronald McDonald house is a blessing.

“There’s no way that i would be able to make it  here in time if i needed to,” said Dement.

“They have helped us tremendously just by giving us a place to live,” said Jaci Lindsey.

But having a child with a heart condition can make any day difficult, especially on a day of celebration.

“It’s definitely a lonely scary thing to go through sometimes but we’re mothers so that makes us strong,” said Lindsey.

Both the moms have this message for others.

“Just keep the faith,” said Lindsey.

“Hold on because it is not forever and by the grace of god we will all get through it,” said Dement.

Click here to donate to families in need at the Ronald McDonald House.


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