Local town celebrates ‘A.C. McKenzie Day’

EDWARDS, Miss. (WJTV) – The town of Edwards celebrated a veteran for his service.

“It’s a blessing to be here that’s the good part,” said McKenzie.

He’s a World War II veteran and a Purple Heart recipient.

“I was wounded in combat. That’s the only way you get a purple heart,” said McKenzie.

Just last year, the town of Edwards declared May 2nd “A.C. McKenzie Day”.

The 91-year-old celebrated at the town’s May Day parade.

“It’s an honor and a blessing to see my dad here today before all of these people coming out. He’s been honored as a WW II Purple Heart recipient. It’s really an honor and a blessing to see him. He’s taught us so in life, to appreciate the value of life,” said Stephanie Foster, the daughter of A.C. McKenzie.

“I thank the good Lord for keeping me here this long,” said McKenzie.

McKenzie is also a recipient of the World War II Victory medal.

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