Council members upset over Yarber’s absence at special meeting

JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Some members of the Jackson City Council are not happy.

They tell us the mayor was not at a special meeting today to talk about the budget.

We’re told no finance administrators were there either.

“It appears to me that the council is being forced to use our subpoena powers to get the information that we need. We cannot operate any further without knowing exactly what our financial situation is,” said Margaret Barrett –Simon, Ward 7, City of Jackson City Council.

Mayor Tony Yarber tells us that the meeting was originally set to discuss infrastructure projects.

He says he requested a separate meeting to cover the budget.

He was not available today because he was at the Rankin-Hinds Flood Control meeting

Mayor Yarber sent the following statement:

 We will not allow our road work progress to be overshadowed by political ploys attempting to shift the conversation. Of course, the administration will provide the requested budget information to Council.

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