Jackson Prep Bouncing Back with New Court

JACKSON, Miss. – $90 thousand has been spent so far on clean up and repairs to Jackson Preparatory School following a sudden roof collapse.

The accident sent thousands of gallons of rain water gushing into the hall and around the school’s gym.

It’s video you have to see to believe, a massive amount of water overtaking part of Jackson Prep.

Since then workers have been on campus every day repairing the roof and the flooring inside the gym.

Officials tell me what they are learning now from all this, is how to take lemons and make lemonade.

“We knew there was going to be damage immediately; we just didn’t know the extent of it until about two days later,” Athletic Director, Will Crosby said.

Nearly a month after thousands of gallons of water poured into the gymnasium at Prep, there is a new roof and the wood flooring has been pulled up.

Administrators say too much water on an old roof caused it to collapse.

“We made sure we were weather tight right away,” Head of School, Dr. Jason Walton explained. “We had to put new structural steel in place new roof decking, and a brand new weather tight outer surface.”

“The initial shock was something to take in, but they are excited about the floor,” Crosby stated. “They are excited about the new system.”

The new system will replace the original 35-year-old flooring, now Prep’s court is in line with some other noted clubs and college programs.

“It’s a great design, and a great flooring system. The flooring system is comparable to what the Pelicans have in their practice facility, Mississippi State, Vanderbilt,” Crosby told WJTV.

The original hardwood that has been pulled up now has a unique purpose, it’s been preserved to serve as a keepsake.

“It was sort of the fast thinking of some of our staff here who were like we can’t just take that wood to a landfill somewhere, so many people have memories associated with it,” Walton expressed.

“Anybody who may have won a state championship on this floor, or just played for Jackson Prep basketball on this floor, we’re hoping to do some neat things for some former players,” Crosby said.

Now out in the hallway just outside the gym where the roof collapsed Prep is also building a bigger trophy case, perhaps making space for yet another basketball trophy with a new home court on the way.

We are told the project should be finished by mid June.

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