New Clinton Police Chief comments on police chases

CLINTON, Miss. (WJTV) – Police pursuits have been a topic of controversy for many here in the Jackson metro.

For the past couple of months, police chases have been on the minds of many here in the metro area.

WJTV spoke to Clinton Police Chief Ford Hayman today about his department’s policy.

“We are not going to let criminals steal in our city,” said Chief Hayman.

You may remember back in March when the Clinton Police Department chased Donnell Johnson from Clinton to Jackson; ending in a deadly head-on collision, killing Lonnie Blue, Jr.

Hayman gives his condolences to the family but says police were just doing their jobs.

“You’re looking at whatever rises from a shoplifting case and all of his events that transpired on his decision not to stop, wouldn’t have happened,” said Chief Hayman.

WJTV’s Andrew Nomura asked Chief Hayman about his policy when pursuits go out of his department’s jurisdiction.

“Jurisdiction lies where the crime is committed. And if it’s committed in our borders in our city, we will go where necessary,” said Chief Hayman.

However, Chief Hayman did say he plans on implementing measures to stop chases from crossing city lines, but he did not go into detail.


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