Police: Alleged abduction appears to have not happened at Forest Walmart

FOREST, Miss. (WJTV) — Police are releasing more details about an alleged abduction that a woman said took place at a Walmart in Forest.

Forest Police Chief Will Jones said their investigation revealed that the alleged incident did not happen at the Forest Walmart. Chief Jones said the woman who filed the complaint was incorrect about the location.

Law enforcement officers said they reviewed hours of surveillance video from Walmart, and it appears that the incident did not occur there.

He said the correct agency in another jurisdiction had been notified.

Last week, WJTV spoke with the victim in the incident, and she described what happened. She said she came out of the store and got into her car. She said a man was inside and put a belt around her neck and tried to choke her.

The victim said she was forced into the backseat and the man drove off. She told police that she ended up at Hawkins Field in Jackson, bruised, naked, with no car or purse. The Jackson Police Department is also looking into this case.

Authorities are still investigating.


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