Greece: Debris found in sea is not from a plane


CAIRO (AP) – A senior Greek air safety official says the debris found so far in the Mediterranean Sea does not belong to an aircraft.

An EgyptAir Airbus A320 crashed into the Mediterranean Sea early Thursday while carrying 66 passengers and crew from Paris to Cairo, and authorities have been scouring a wide area south of Crete to look for plane debris.

But Athanassios Binis, head of Greece’s Air Accident Investigation and Aviation Safety Board, told state ERT TV that “an assessment of the finds showed that they do not belong to an aircraft.” He says Thursday this has been confirmed by Egyptian authorities.

Greek military officials say a Greek C-130 military transport plane is still participating in the search for debris from the EgyptAir jet, but a frigate initially sent to the area has been recalled. The same officials say all potential debris located so far in the sea has been spotted by Egyptian aircraft.

CAIRO (AP) – Egypt’s Civil Aviation ministry says in a statement that “floating material,” including life jackets and plastic items have been found in the sea off the Greek island of Karpathos, close to the suspected site of the EgyptAir plane crash.

The ministry says that it is coordinating with Greek counterparts to examine what they have found and to determine whether the items could be part of the debris from the plane that crashed before dawn on Thursday.

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